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antenna installation

Antenna Installation

Services include TV antennas,  TV antenna installation, digital TV, digital antenna, digital antenna installation & TV reception

Arrow Antennas will establish what type of antenna you require for your location TV and carry out the antenna installation.

Experiencing TV Reception issues – blurry, fuzzy, dropping in and out? We frequently troubleshoot these issues – contact us to assist you. A simple antenna repair or an antenna replacement can fix your problem.


CCTV & 4G Alarms

No phone line needed, Instant TxT to mobile, instant phone alarm call to mobile, videostreaming to mobile, motion and smoke detection, very low running costs, battery back up.

We can provide you with an assessment of your home, office or business premises. We can assist with installation of small CCTV systems (one camera) for your homes or office to large or multiple CCTV systems depending on your requirements.

Need an alarm system and not sure how to install it?  We can assist you with the installation of your new 4G Alarm System.

home theatre

Home Theatre Systems

Services home theatre systems, home theatre system installation, home theatre setup & home cinema

Arrow Antennas can take care of all your home theatre connections and installation including speaker installation, configuring AV amplifiers, mounting TV’s to walls to ensure you get the most out of your home theatre  etc.

wi fi

WiFi Data & Home Network

Services include home office setup, home network installation, data point installation & WIFI setup

Setting up the office at home? Don’t know where to start or how to install the network connections? Arrow Antennas can provide advice and assist with the home network installation, any data point installation if required and the WIFI Setup.  Contact Us so you can do your work and we can do ours.

satellite installation

Satellite Installation

Satellite system installation

Arrow Antennas can assist with your Satellite Installation. We will determine the best location for your dish, install it and fine tune your satellite antenna for the best reception.

tv point

TV Point Installation

Services include antenna point installation

Is your TV Antenna point in the wrong room or position? We can install your TV Antenna Point exactly where you need it.

tv mount

TV Wall Mount

Services include TV wall mount installation, flat screen wall mount

Purchased that big screen and now need to get it on the wall. No need to call your mates to attach it, just give us a call and we can either assemble with the bracket provided or mount straight onto your wall.

Wall mounting is the safest option for your children – no knocking over or breaking, space-saving and aesthetically appealing.